My e-mail to cousin Bobby will be most informative. The details are in the indicated 
web site.



To: "Bobby Lazam"

Subject: Thank you for the second set of newspaper clippings.

Cc: ...

Bcc: ...

Your contributions will certainly help us level a bit the playing field with our 

Please send your future mailing to 

P.O. Box 2766 
Washington, D.C. 20013 

which is also now the postal address of

By the way, we have quietly announced our nursing recruitment plan in the web site.

It would seem like the nursing shortage here would be for years to come.

I was just thinking if we should have a strategy that goes beyond mere tactical 
recruitment but more toward seeding for the future ... e.g., scholarships for 
deserving nursing students? Can you imagine how many good, but possibly impoverished 
people we can help this way? Maybe we should ask Auntie Andy and Auntie Chata to come 
out of retirement and help through their school in Bulacan. What do you think?



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