Okay, well you could either put code like this into each td cell like 

<td class="navtext" <?php if (sect == 5) print "id=\"sel\""; ?>>

That is kind of ugly, however.  A more elegant solution would be to make 
an array containing the links then do a loop kind of like this (I'm just 
typing the code off the top of my head, so there is likely to be some 

$menuItems = array('Home', 'Introduction', 'Changes &amp; Cuts', 
'Scores', 'Orchestra', 'Synthesizers', 'Sound System', 'Articles');
$i = 0;
foreach ($menuItems as $item) {
   if($sect == $i) {
      print "<tr><td class=\"navtext\" id=\"sel\"><a 
   } else {
      print "<tr><td class=\"navtext\"><a 

The obvious problem with my solution is the links will also presumably 
have to be entered into an array, and I don't think the foreach 
construct can work on two arrays simultaneously, but you can use the $i 
variable as the index to your second array.

In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Martin Hughes) wrote:

> OK here's the code in the page:
> <!-- Start Navigation -->
> <div id="navbar">
> <table class="navtable" width="160" cellpadding="4">
> <!-- Navigation Bar Heading -->
> <tr>
>  <td class="navhead">Welcome</td>
> </tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext" id="sel"><a href="">Home</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Introduction</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Changes &amp; Cuts</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Scores</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Orchestra</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Synthesizers</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Sound System</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Articles</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">21st Century Les
> Mis&eacute;rables</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Information</a></td></tr>
> <tr><td class="navtext"><a href="">Discussion Forums</a></td></tr>
> </table>
> </div>
> <!-- End Navigation -->
> I am using this 1 page as the php 'template' with content added depending on
> the url. For example, to go to the synthesizers page the url is:
> index.php?sect=5&id=0&page=31
> where sect=5 is the part that sets the menu highlight (the menu is alway the
> same, hard-coded into the page - all I want to do is change the css id="sel"
> from Home to Synthesizers.
> Cheers
> Martin

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