Hi Folks!

I am working on a project where I need to encrypt some data that will be 
decrypted later by a visual basic application and also receive encrypted 
data from that application and decrypt it on the webserver. To exchange the 
data, I did some xml and everything went fine, but I can't tell you the 
same about the encryption.

We chose to use BLOWFISH cbc to encrypt the data on both ways (php and vb). 
On php I am using the mcrypt module and at the vb side, the guys are using 
a dll version of the Blowfish algoritm.

Well, we are starting to fight each other, me and the vb guys, because we 
can encrypt and decrypt data on our own applications, but the encrypted 
data from php cannot be decrypted by visual basic, and vice-versa.

Of course the key and the iv are the same on both sides and the data is 
converted to hexa before the encrypt process. I did a lot of tests 
according the manual and some other sources, and everything seems to be ok. 
The vb guys are telling me the same and we are all on a dilema now, and the 
time is becoming short....

If anybody knows something about it please let me know. Another point of 
views on doing this are welcome too.
Sorry for any language mistakes I did.



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