Andy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in article

>  See if is there some kind of echo before header()s, or HTML sent to
> browser.

No, I've been extremely careful to avoid that.  The following are the two
test files I've been using to try to solve this..  (sans the ----------
File Begin/End ----------)

---------- File Begin ----------
function do_nothing() {}
---------- File End ----------

---------- File Begin ----------
if( headers_sent ) {
    $senthdrs = "Headers Sent";
} else {
    $senthdrs = "Headers not sent";
<head><title>PHP Lib Test</title></head>
<body><h1>PHP Lib Test</h1><hr>
echo( $senthdrs );
---------- File End ----------

End result:
PHP Lib Test
Headers sent

>From what I can tell from the documentation and through experimentation,
either there's additional headers being generated when php includes the
content (a content-type header maybe?) or more likely, after php is done
parsing the file and 'removing' the code, it comes back as a single CRLF,
which triggers Apache/PHP to send the headers.  Actually, that setup makes
sense to me, but I'm trying to find out if there is a way around it.


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