I would say that depends on what platform you wish to market yourself on.

Being of *nix mind...  PHP works beautifully for virtually all aspects of Web
based scripting, and personally i use it for a vast majority of server scripting
as well.  And if not, it isn't a far cry from Perl syntax and train of

Then again, i personally wouldn't touch a windows box for the purpose of web
server/web hosting, and as such my background is perl/PHP and like minded shell

>Ah ha, but am I better off becoming a PHP guru or a
>jackofalltrades-notverygoodatanyofthem kind of person ;-)
>Well I've never used scripting of any sort before PHP, just c++ really.
>I'll stick to php i guess (for now).
>>Or is PHP the be-all and end all?

If you are a creative thinker, pretty much...

>>I know its strong points, but what are the WEAK points of PHP?
>PHP isn't default on Microsoft systems

MS!=good web platform IMO so I wouldn't judge that to be a weak point

>You have to learn a new language for PHP: ASP is basically either VBScript
>or JScript around some objects.

I know I wasn't born with inate knowledge of VBScript or JScript, so one would
have to learn those anyway.

>To answer the question in your subject line, I think that if you were
>interested in programming, you should want to learn any new technology that
>you could.  Plus, the more languages, the more employable, I would think.

Some kid coming out of 3 years of school with a mitful of languages that they
were "introduced to" is no better off that the same kid who spent 3 years
learning the ins and outs just PHP or ASP...  just means that one has a poor
chance of getting an entry level job at either camp(MS/*nix)...  the other has a
slightly better chance of getting hired at only one.

And the desire to learn new and interesting things is always tempered by the
limited time to perfect ones chosen skillset.

In short, your best bet is to choose a camp...  MS based or *nix based...
master what is popular in the one you choose.


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