Hi all,

I've just install php-4.0.6 in my linux machine,
but am not familiar with the syntax,

How good is php in terms of managing database (sybase) data compare to
Java? I mean to display on the web?


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>From: "Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [PHP] Re: someone please explain weird getforeignkeys
>Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 18:11:29 -0500
> > I need to look up a table's foreign keys using the unified 
> > 'odbc_foreignkeys()' requires me to pass seven parameters, each of them
> > mandatory, to archive this.
> > Because the approach is not intuitive anyhow and there is no 
> > available except of the PHP-manual's prototype, neither me nor my
> > have any idea of how to apply the function.
>There *IS* some explanatory text about what happens depending on which args
>you fill in.
>Presumably you use "" for any args you don't care to fill in.
> > The manual states that three of the arguments are superfluous, depending
> > the application; but the prototype contradicts this, declaring them
>Use "" on args you don't care about.  The function doesn't need them, but
>PHP only allows leaving out arguments at the end of the list, not the
>middle, so the "optional" argument language feature was probably not all
>that useful.
> > Can anyone please point me to a working code example or provide one?
>That I can't do...
>As near as I can figure, the pk_qualifier and pk_owner, and fk_qualifier 
>fk_owner args are not needed?  Or, perhaps, if you specify them, the result
>set is filtered down some way...
>Try calling it with "" for all the arguments you don't understand, and see
>what you get.
> > Btw, how are the inter-table relationships defined at all? I cannot 
> > a way to determine foreign keys without complete knowledge of all joins
> > subqueries potentially run against the database.
>When you CREATE a table, you can declare a given COLUMN as a "FOREIGN KEY".
>If you didn't do that, this function is pretty useless to you...
>PS  If you do figure something out, contribute to the notes, eh?
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