> Do you know What's a logo worth: PRICELESS.
so how come you're putting a price on it then?

> Do you have a logo ?
you bet

> Do you have what it takes to design one ?  To do it in Flash ?

> Do you heve what it takes to put it on your website ? on your stationery &
Business card ? On literally hundreds of products ?
hmmm, first of all it's "have".... and YES, I do have what it takes! (all it
takes to put it on your site is NOTEPAD anyways :)

> Do you have what it takes to make it 3D, ANIMATED & doesn't take AGES to
err, logos are supposed to be simple. Take a look at the best logos out
there: Puma, Coca Cola, Nokia, Yahoo! - notice any 3D and animation??

> Do you want me to take care of that for you ?
sure... :)

having said that, please don't post your ads in here. If you have a
question, ask it. If you have an answer, post it. All the rest goes into the

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