as a bit of a newbie with PHP and Win2k,  I've succesfully installed
and used php on my Win2k computer for testing web pages etc locally
on my computer and not having to upload things to the server of my
ISP.  Everything runs fine ... so it seems. 
Today then, I just installed a mysql distribution under Win2K on my
machine as well, which apparently also successfully installed because
I can call up and start the mysql-nt server and have it running.  

Now ... here comes my question ...  
Could someone help me with setting things up so I can use this MySQL
to create a database and tables to use for a forum from one of my
"virtual websites" (that is one of the websites I am testing and
which has been assigned a "vitual host") ? Where do I assign a host
name to the mysql server and user and password to simulate the "real"
situation of later on? For example: The website is at www.domain01.de
(my domain), and the MySQL runs on mail.domain02.com (my ISP's mail
server, where he has the mysql server installed) and I want then to
use the PHP/MySQL combination from the website to run a forum.

If someone could point me in the right direction and perhaps coach my
along a little bit, I would greatly appreciate it ... perhaps better
done off list.
God bless you with His grace and peace 

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