Thank you Andrey & Nathan.  THat was probably going to be the next thing 
to research.  I think I figured out why my code got slow though.  I have 
a preg search of a large field with .* in it at the beginning of an 
if,elseif,elseif,elseif struct that I should move to the end of it.  

In article <007601c12bf4$e0b41f40$[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Nathan Cook) wrote:

> IMO, you are better off printing microtime
> [] before and after the
> query, and after you loop through it.  This will give you a better idea of 
> where
> the hangups may be.  You may also want to sprinkle mircotimes throughout your
> code to get a good idea of processing time.

In article <047c01c12bf3$bdae2b40$0b01a8c0@ANDreY>,
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Andrey Hristov) wrote:

> Use microtime before and after the query.

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