Sorry to bother you all with this, but I have no way to test this, as I have
no access to a Mac. Could you tell me if this little piece of code looks as
if it would work (detect whether someone's using the Mac OS)?

if (preg_match("/mac/i", "$HTTP_USER_AGENT") || preg_match("/macintosh/i",
"$HTTP_USER_AGENT") || preg_match("/ppc/i", "$HTTP_USER_AGENT") ||
preg_match("/PowerPC/i", "$HTTP_USER_AGENT")):
        $basefont = "Geneva";
        $basefont = "Verdana, Helvetica, Serif";

It doesn't return an error, but that doesn't mean it works. I really
appreciate your help. TIA

Tom Malone
Web Designer

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