I'm wondering if anyone here has any experiencing mixing webware with a FAX
solution on the unix platform, particulary FreeBSD 4.2.

I have 2 seperate possilble solutions here. The first involves faxing using
software configured on the server. The 2nd is a PHP type solution, capturing
HTML from a URL and assembling it into an attachment for email. Please give
me any thoughts you can offer on these.

What I currently have is a e-commerce solution I wrote in PHP. There are
pages that are generated (sort of like a populated form) that need to be
faxed. This is all theory I am talking right now, because I have never done
anything like this, including just faxing from a server.

Now, what would it entail to get our dedicated server preped to do faxing
for starters. It's at our colo facility and gobs of bandwidth. Obviously we
have no modem connected at this point, and I don't even know if an actual
phone line would be available to us. So, what I am guessing is that there
are services that offer dial-out gateways for faxing and such, over the
Internet. Where, our software can send data to a faxing gateway, which in
turn sends the fax through their lines. Anyone know of any services like

Also, what type of faxing software is available on FreeBSD? How does it
integrate with actual means of faxing (gateways/modem) etc.

Basically, the whole fax over server thing is new to me, and I'm trying to
see if anyone has any experience at all doing this. The goal is: when you
are looking at this rendered HTML page, you have a button that says "Fax"
and when you click on it, the web page you are looking at is faxed off,
through the server, looking just as it appeared on the screen basically
(which merely consists of text in tables, and a couple <HR>'s). The goal is
to make this as seamless as possible.

2nd solution-------------
Now, eFax offers you a service where you can send an email, containing an
attachment, such as .html and it will render the email and attachments and
fax them off like they look. This would not be such a bad idea, but we want
to avoid people having to manually "Send Page By Email" through outlook each
time. What I am thinking if I can capture the HTML that is generated from
the script (ie- showdetails.php?order_id=432) and then create an attachment
of that HTML (ie- my_attachment_to_fax.html) and then send it through email
( function mail(); ) that would be perfect. Anyone have any code on how
capture the HTML from a URL (fopen(); ?) and then assemble that into an
attachment (.html / correct mime type/headers) and send it off?

Sound plausible?

Please give me any insight to either of these methods. Thank you.


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