On Jue 23 Ago 2001 21:21, Chris Fry wrote:
> This function does not work reliably with most databases, not just
> Informix. Caused me a lot of problems as I have a number of pages where I'd
> like to display a "No records found message".

I normally have a count(*) query to know how much records belong to the query 
(especially when I use LIMIT and that stuff).

With Informix, you'll have to use sqlca.sqlerrd[0..5]. One of the elements of 
the array is the amount of records.

> Just have to do it the hard way.
> I think there's a disclaimer in the docs about this being unreliable.

It once was on the informix docs, but not anymore. The source may have 

Saludos... :-)

P.D.: No problems with pg_num_rows() :-)

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