> My question - is this going to work for a few thousand emails?

Depends on your server.

> What
> about 100,000?

No way.

> Would it be better to send the mail directly to the
> smtp server?


> Can you foresee any problems?

Several.  The first one is you didn't read the archives or look for
pre-existing code to talk to SMTP directly. :-)

Manuel's upperdesign.com has one, and there are plenty of others.  You could
roll your own -- I did, so it can't be too tricky. :-)

Also, at that volume, I think you're going to run into trouble just in
talking to the all the SMTP servers.  I *BELIEVE* one major speed-up can be
achieved by sorting the outgoing emails by their recipient's domains...

You may want to research how "real" mailing list software deals with this if
you actually expect to hit 100K addresses.

If they're all the same email, you'd be *WAY* better off just interfacing to
majordomo, ezmlm, SmartList, or whatever other mailing list software was
designed to handle this.

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