> Datum verz.           Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:20:52 +0200
> I don't know why I get :
> "Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
> started at c:\windows\bureau\cookie1.php:2) in c:\windows\bureau\cookie1.php
> on line 6" message each time I use setcookie function.

So on line six you are sending cookies? I only know from the 'header 
(Location:http....)' to make this problem but the cause is probably the 

You cannot send headers after you have written anything to the page.
Apparently something is already sent in line one or two? Maybe there is 
something in line 1 causing this, a space can already make the server start 
sending the page (starting with headers). I don't think it is the newline.

Make sure there are no white spaces in line two.
If that does not help put line one inside the script maybe, as a #comment. 
Make sure the file starts with <? php as the very start. 

> The second line is : <?php
> I put <html>  at the end of the file. 
> Do you have any ideas ?
</html> but that has nothing to do with the error.

Chris H.

--  C.Hayes  Droevendaal 35  6708 PB Wageningen  the Netherlands  --


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