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Onderwerp:              [PHP] Dynamic check boxes...

> I have a form where users can enter a link (kind of a free for al links =

> When I load an admin script I can check all of the ones that have a 0 in =
> that field.  I want to have checkboxes form down the side of them so I = can
> check the ones I want approved. =20

I suppposathe table has some ID field  which i will call proposalID.

Admin page.
        echo '<form....

        query (SELECT proposalID, proposalText  WHERE proposals=new)
                echo "<input type='checkbox' 
                                        value='Yes'> $proposalText";
        echo '<submit button> </form>';

Then you get the form back
Suppose the ID is 129 then the variable will be called $FORM129

(This is what i use the very useful $$ function for.
now $$helpvar gives the same as $FORM129 !)

        mysql_query (SELECT proposalID  WHERE proposals=new)
                        { $helpvar='FORM'.$proposalID;
                                if (isset($$helpvar) AND ($$helpvar=='Yes'))
                                else { $array_rejected[]=...

        $query=" (UPDATE tablename SET accepted='0' 
                                WHERE proposalID=";
        for ($i=0;$i<count($array_accepted);$i==)       
    {$query.=$array_accepted[$i].',' }
        #get rid of the last comma somehow...
        $query.="               )";

                do  query

same for rejected but delete these or mark as rejected.

                let me know!
Chris H.

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