Never used bytea so can't help directly but:

You're way better off to store the file as a file and just put the pathname
into Postgre in the first place...

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Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 9:09 AM
Subject: upload binary using postgres

> Hi
> Im using php to upload Binary data into bytea field in postgres DB.
> The problem is that when I query what I uploaded I discover that it hold
> only 13 characters and not the whole binary file
> I tried manual insert more then 13 characters successfully.
> I tried to do addslashes($data);
> but still :(
> $slashed_data = addslashes($data);
> $sql = "insert into files (image_id, bin_data, filename, filesize,
> values ('$image_id', '$slashed_data', '$new_name', '$filesize',
> '$filetype');";
> I tried strlen($slashed_data); before the insert to be sure that that the
> binary is bigger then 13 characters and yes, its 4KB ( the tested file );
> Any ideas ?
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