Anyone know why a MySQL table is set to read only?  I'm logged in as the
root user of MySQL and I have checked the privalages of the root user in the
MySQL table and everything is set to "Yes" and I'm able to add and delete
users in the MySQL table.

Here's what I did... I had a database on my Win2k machine and I just ftp'ed
those files over to MySQL running on RedHat.  I noticed that the permissions
of the files on the RedHat box were different than the MySQL database so I
changed the permissions on those files I ftp'ed over.  But to no evail it
still doesn't work correctly.

Would it make a difference if I was using a earlier version of MySQL on my
Win2k machine than on the RedHat machine?

Anyway, I'm at a total lost here so any help would be great!


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