I'm not sure of the problem but something like

if ($condition) { echo $time}
else { //do something else}
You can also print or echo html from php if that helps your program flow

echo "<Table>
Often you will want to generate the table rows in an if() or while()
You can do the same thing with any html tags , javascript, etc.

Web pages are not static so pass parameters you need through url
A php trick is that <a href="$PHP_SELF?params"> calls itself with the
you give it. This works on form action= statements too


Nafiseh Saberi wrote:

> hi.
> I write program with php,then for build table I must to close it,
> write html tag and then open php and continue,...
> I ask time in one line and in another line I want to show it.
> but I want the first line doesnot run in all condition.
> I think my problem will solve with static variables.???
> thanks.

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