Are you shure u sending the right http header?

your discription sound like the browser receives the wrong header information,
respactively the wrong mime type. if you use the right mouse button and say show
image, all browsers don't care about the mime type and try to evaluate the data
content and find the appropiate helper application. make shure the header is
something like
'octed-stream/JPG' or octed-stream/GIF (i'm not shure if this is the exact
syntax for the mime types, refer to HTTP 1.0 spezification for detaisl)

Martin Helie schrieb:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm a newbie here, so please forgive me if this topic has been discussed
> previously (I could find no mention of it).
> I recently compiled PHP4.0.6 with gd1.8.4 and zlib 1.1.3 and experienced no
> problems --except! If you use ob_gzhandler as your output handler, you'll
> want to make sure any image functions you use in PHP return valid images for
> Netscape (I tried Netscape Communicator 4.7 on Linux, Irix and Windows and
> got "broken images"). Funny thing is, if you right-clicked on the image and
> did "view image", the browser would show it correctly.
> After much frustration, I realized that using _no_ output handler (at least
> not ob_gzhandler) solved the problem.
> I assume this is due to a different way of gzipping data in either PHP or
> zlib from previous versions.
> I hope someone finds this information useful -- or can provide the "real"
> explanation, maybe even a better solution.
> Martin

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