Jeffrey Iskandar Ahmad wrote:

> When i use this function mail(), mail was sent successfully but when
> recipient receive the mail the date timezone is incorrect. It
> displayed  -0800 instead of +0800. Im from +0800. The timezone does not
> display correctly. I have tried different servers but still the same.
> And all clients get the wrong date. Im Using php 4.06 and win2k and
> winnt4.

Under Windows, PHP sets Date header for mail if sendmail_path is _not_ 
defined. If you are using sendmail compatible progmram, this won't apply 
to your problem.

Looks like someone commented out following lines in sendmail.c (I'm 
refering PHP 4.0.7-dev source)

    extern int _daylight;
    extern long _timezone;

And _timezone is used as follows

(_timezone > 0) ? "+" : (_timezone < 0) ? "-" : "",zoneh,zonem)

They are probably commented out due to thread safe issue. I guess this 
bug is introduced when this change is made. (I'm just looking at source 
briefly and _not_ 100% sure.)

It is possible you have configuration problem also. Is your web server 
can get zoneinfo that you want? If not, it is possible having this 
problem even if there is _no_ bug.

Check your server configuration first. If you are sure that your server 
is ok, submit bug report and ask developers if this is a bug or not.If 
this is a bug, it will be fixed hopefully.

PS: You might want to ask W2K users to verify this problem. Post new 
article with title like "Possible mail() bug under Windows". Then 
Windows users will pay attention. I'm not a windows user :)

Yasuo Ohgaki

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