the function printer_open() or printer_write() doesn't exist in php.
I don't know where you saw those functions.

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Good Morning....

I am working with PHP 4.0.6, and I do not obtain to send given of the page
for the printer. I use function " PRINTER_OPEN() ", I make the manual in
accordance with, exactly thus it gives an error to me of indefinite
function. What it can be? 
Fatal error: Call you undefined function:printer_open() 

$print = printer_open(); 
$print = printer_open("LPT1 "); 
printer_write($print, " Test of printer "); 
printer_write($print, " Test of printer "); 
printer_write($print, " Test of printer "); 
$print = printer_close(); 

e this error it even gives to me with function " PRINTER_WRITE() ", could
give tips of that he can be happening. 

Yours truly. 


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