We've used rackspace, webservepro.com, xo, and had
machines placed at exodus.  

Webservepro.com is the least
expensive, and they still maintain pretty good service (personal service
I mean).  No default UPS - you gotta pay extra for that if it's that
important to you (over 2 years hosting - 2 hours of downtime due to power

rackspace - we used to recommend them a lot, but since they've grown
so much, their service has gone down in our experience.  

exodus - darn expensive.  

xo.com - again, darn expensive for what you get.  rackspace has/had
the same equipment for about halfprice.  AND you get 'root' at rackspace -
xo wouldn't give it out (well, we couldn't get it without signing a lot 
of papers, etc.)
and this was for a client.  It took 3 hours to get PHP installed because 
it wasn't
there by default, and we had no permissions to do anything.  That was 
SAME machine at rackspace (same mhz, hd, etc) was $400/month, and you
got root.  


Heidi Belal wrote:

>Hi All,
>Can you please tell of a good, reliable place where i
>can rent a dedicated server in the US?  
>Heidi Belal
>ICQ# 32127109

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