So sprach »Geoff Caplan« am 2001-08-27 um 11:26:09 +0100 :
> standard, and no central repository. This compares badly with platforms such
> as Perl and Java, who tackled this issue long ago.

Actually, I think you're right.

On the one hand, it's quite nice that there are so many librariries
which can be compiled in (CURL, dbm, gettext ....).  I think that's
nice, because having this kind of support in a binary C library makes it
rather fast.

BUT: It's not as easy to install if you don't have full access to the

With Perl on the other hand, you basicaly just download MP3::Info from
CPAN and can easily download and install it.  It's a lot easier since
there's (most of the time) no binary compile needed. (Uhm - MP3::Info,
hmm, bad example *G*).

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