The real reason I was looking for some kind of certification, is the course 
I'm trying to start.

Here in Rio de Janeiro, there are ZERO PHP Training Courses (in all Brazil 
I don't think there are more than three), and I think Certification is the 
All other courses has a certification or at least a diploma from a 
'Macromedia Certified' or 'Microsoft Oficial Partner' establishment.

It wouldn't be so bad to have 'PHP Endorsing Site', 'PHP Certified 
Professional' and so on... don't you think?

At 11:51 27/8/2001 -0400, Michael Kimsal wrote:
>I know it's not specifically what you're looking for, but it may help
>further the discussion.
>We offer PHP training courses.  While it's not 'certification' in the sense
>that we're not a 'well-known, respected' authority, we provide a hands-on
>environment where you learn a series of skills - from "hello world" thru
>connecting to a database, add/edit/delete info from a db, and a bit
>more (user authentication techniques, etc).  While we're not accredited in
>anyway, it has been helpful to many of our students who need the
>helping hand and/or something more than a book/magazine.
>We'd love to work with others in the PHP community to help develop
>a set of certification standards, though there doesn't seem to be a big
>outcry for it right now from the community.
>Christian Dechery wrote:
>>I know this is a recurrent question around here... but it's always nice 
>>to ask:
>>Is there (or is it in process of...) any kind of certification for PHP.
>>I live in Brazil and have been developing with PHP+Mysql for over a year, 
>>but there are no courses around here... none. And in part, it's because 
>>there is no certification, or proof of any kind from a respected or 
>>well-known organization.
>michael kimsal
>php training courses

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