Well,think about it like this:
If you did replace $comp name with ABC Company, this is what you'd get:

<input type=text size=30 name=comp_name value=ABC Company>

Not quite right, eh? This will solve your  problem:
print "<input type=text size=30 name=comp_name value=\"$comp_name\">";

Hugh Danaher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Help.  I have a page with a form with lots of text boxes which can be filled
with data from a text file.  the fopen() and fgets() works, and the text
boxes which require numbers have no problems.  But, I have text boxes which
require several words of text and they refuse to work right.  The first word
makes it in the box, but the rest of the words are lost.

As an example, the data file contains:  ABC Company, Inc. in the spot for
$comp_name.  If I call for this variable elsewhere outside of a text box, it
prints in full, but when used by the following, it prints only: ABC

print "<input type=text size=30 name=comp_name value=$comp_name>";

There must be something blindingly obvious that I'm missing.  Please help.
Thanks, Hugh

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