Ok, I tried the to replicate on different browsers.  Microsoft IE 5.5 ,6 
beta & Opera 5 all show this problem.
Here are some snippets of the code that Im using.  Thanks

echo "<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\" method=\"POST\" 

echo "&nbsp &nbsp<input type=\"file\" name=\"pic\"><p>\n";

if ($pic_type != "image/jpeg") {
                 echo "Please let the picture be in jpeg format. 
Thanks.<br>\n"; exit();

Gerard Samuel wrote:
> Hey all.  I have a problem.  I made a script that handles file uploads, 
> and all the while I was testing on mozilla and netscape, totally forgot 
> about IE.  I have it set to only accept jpeg pics.  It works no problem 
> on mozilla and netscape, but IE isnt do too well.  When I try to upload 
> a jpeg, it spits out that its not a jpeg file.  Not sure if the mime 
> type is different for windows about jpegs.  Anyone encountered this 
> before.  I didnt find anything in the archive.
> Thanks
> php 4.0.6, apache 1.3.20, mysql 3.23.40
> Thanks all.

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