Hi all

Say i had text similar to below

Cairns              Fine
Mareeba             Fine
Innisfail           Fine

I'm using the following code to grab the weather forecast for each of those

$GrabURL = "forecast_map_data.txt";
$GrabEnd = "UV ratings";

$file = fopen("$GrabURL", "r");
$rf = fread($file, 20000);
$grab = eregi("$GrabStart(.*)$GrabEnd", $rf, $show);

eregi("Cairns(.*)Mareeba", $show[1], $cairns);

which works fine, but when i then try to grab the forecast for Mareeba using

eregi("Mareeba(.*)Innisfail", $show[1], $mareeba);

nothing happens - i figure it's because i've already use Mareeba as a stop
point.  Can anyone recommend a function or a way to do this where i'll be
able to use the same start or stop text more than once?

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