Can anyone tell me why I have a parse error here?

I'm including this file, which is 16 lines, but the error being thrown by
the including page reports a parse error in this file on line 17 ???:
if (!isset($page_type))
        $page_type = "foo";

if (!isset($page_id))
        $sql="select page_id from table where fieldname = $value";
        $link_id = mysql_connect($host, $usr, $pass) or die (mysql_error());
        mysql_select_db($database, $link_id); //select database catalog
        $result = mysql_query ($sql, $link_id) or die (mysql_error());
//return result set to php
        if (!$result) echo "wait - no result set!";

        $page_id = mysql_result($result, 0, fieldname);


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