Please, someone, help me...

What I want to do:  Have a user prompted for an ID/password, both of which
(if valid), get passed to a PHP script, which then uses the ID/password to
selectively display certain fields of a table.  (For example, if the user
logs in as "Sales", he would only see the sales-related fields of the
tables.  Whereas, if the user logs in as "Production", she would see the
production-related fields.  Pretty simple.)

I've read the PHP docs on $PHP_AUTH_USER.  One stupid question:  Must I use
the htaccess directory-protection feature of Apache in order for this to
work (or is$PHP_AUTH_USER not dependent on Apache (or any web server) at
all)?  I mean, from reading the docs, it seems as if the value stored in
$PHP_AUTH_USER comes what the user types into the Apache-spawned dialog box
(when the user types the URL containing that password-protected
directory.)??  The thing is, when I turn password protection on for the
directory in question, and add the users and passwords to the htaccess file,
then go to the URL in the browser, I get prompted several times for a user
and password--first, it seems, by Apache, then by the PHP code I copied from
the docs.

If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Best would be some real code
running in a similar server environment.  (The site in question is running
on servers--they're running PHP3 (shouldn't matter, right)
and Apache.)

MUCH thanks in advance...


Rene Fournier,

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