try shell_exec() --- it seems to work better for some things


Terry Reynolds wrote:

> Hi
> I am having major probs trying to exec a command in PHP.
> All i want to do is fill a table from a tab delimited file from within PHP.
> I have set up a file called fillit which consists of:
> mysqlimport -u user -ppassword database list.txt
> This works from the command line perfectly.
> I made this executable & it runs perfectly with .fillit
> It will not run with exec, system or passthru.
> I have tried nearly all possible combinations with and without backticks, single, 
>double and no quotes.
> I have rw access to the dir I am running from and have read the manual until I'm 
>blue in the face!
> Has anyone out there used the xece command successfully??
> Ps if I exec("ls -l"), it works fine !
> Linux box Using PHP 4.0.??. latest version MySql, Apache Slackware
> Terry

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