my understanding is that numeric is a broad term for 
number values (any value with only numbers and a 
decimal point) like 1, 5.6, 332, 0.5532, for example.

integers are a sub-set of numerics, so any integer is
a numeric value, but any numeric value is not
necessarily an integer.

$num=123 is an integer *and* numeric value.

$num='123' might not be an integer, but it is
a numeric.

now the problem of how to devise a proper test for
numeric values (without using regexps) is what i'd
like to see.

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> From: daniel james [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Subject: Re: [PHP] is_numeric for php3
> Hi Philip,
> By definition, any string that does not contain
> alpha-characters is numeric.  I mean, '123' is an
> integer, if only because it isn't 'onetwothree', you
> know?

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