Thanks from Israel :)

 it helps, though I hope they will develope a function that returns speed,
memory or even performance detail on parts of the script.


The for() took 3ms and consumed ... memory
the while() took 2ms and consumed ... memory

> you might want to add this to each of the scripts and see:
> <?
> //very first line of the script
> echo "Script started at:" . date("D M j g:i:s T Y");
> //very last line of the script
> echo "Script ended at:" . date("D M j g:i:s T Y");
> ?>
> btw, check the microtime() it have exatly what you're looking for.
> Greetings from Lebanon ;)
> > Is there a way to compare between two scripts ?
> >
> > like how much time took every script or how much memory/resources it
> >
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