On Wednesday 29 August 2001 10:09, Justin French wrote:

> I noticed this chunk of code in a site the other day:
> <input type="Submit" name="btn" value="Yes">
> <input type="Submit" name="btn" value="No">
> My GUESS is that if i click the "Yes" button, I magically
> get $btn = "Yes" as a var is the receieving PHP script.
> I was just about to test this, when I realised that (from
> what I can tell) multiple submits are not supported by CGI
> spec.
> So, even if it works on my browser/platform/server/php
> combination, can I be sure it'll work faithfully on all
> environments?

This has nothing to do with the CGI standard. It has to do with the 
HTML standard, which says that:

  "If a form contains more than one submit button,
   only the activated submit button is successful."

This appears on:


Note that the CGI "standard" really has little to do with PHP unless 
you compiled in CGI mode. Some behaviour was inherited from it, but 
really, all that is relevant to us is the HTML and the HTTP standards.


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