HELP i'm desperate....
I try to write a downloadskript, which results in the fillowing URL :

yes you guessed right : securedownload does some auth-stuff ....
it works on win2000 IE 6.0,5.5 NE 6.0 AND 4.76. it also works well on 
MAC when used with Netscape 4.5 but not when used with IE 5.
it always suggests 'securedownload.php' as the filename, which of cause
sucks !!!!
I tried EVERY combination of the suggested headers at
but can't get it to work.
here is what i use :

header( "Content-type: application/download\n" );
header( "Content-Disposition: filename=$download" );
header( "Content-Description: PHP3 Generated Data" );


Anyone ever found a solution for MAC ??????
( i hate Mac, but my boss uses one, so ....... )


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