I do not need a cmd-line utility but something I can use _in_ a PHP4
script without the need to apply changes to the interpreter or weird
system interfaces. Something similiar to the #define preprocessing
instructions of cc (or hopefully more flexible) would suit my needs.

If your programm can substitute script parts during a page request
it'd be nice if you could pass me a source copy.

Personally I've no idea how such a facility could be implemented if
not being part of the PHP core.

  D. Alvarez Arribas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>I've written one for my personal needs. Supports replacement of constants
>("{{$ foobar }}") with arbitrary text, conditionals
>("{{%if foobar == 42 }} ... {{%else }} ... {{%endif }}"), comment
>removal, removal of unneccessary whitespace, removal of assertions and
>replacement of an error handler function ("sgError ($Msg)" => "MyError
>(__FILE__, __LINE__, $Msg)") 

>>  How can I declare optional parameters as used by strpos, substr, etc.
>>  to specify the offset? I do not want to have to preceed some functions
>>  with the @-operator, and preceeding all for consistency wouldn't be an
>>  option, I think. Is it possible at with user-defined functions?
>>     quick help is appreciated. thanks.

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