As someone who has little programming experience I'd have to say jump right
in and forget the "GUI" (I'm not aware of any IDE for PHP). PHP is pretty
easy (to learn, becoming a master is something else I suspect) and there is
always outstanding support either by reading this newsgroup's archive or
posting a question if you don't find an answer. I've been dabbling for close
to a year now and have yet had a need to post any questions. I have
invariably found the solution after a quick search.

There are a number of good books as well. For the novice (I speak with some
authority here) try Julie C. Meloni's "PHP Essentials".

If you're looking for an editor try PHPEd,

And listen to what the experts (not me) have to say.

Good luck,


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> Does anyone have any suggestions for GUI PHP programming software.  I am
> the PHP and would like to make the learning experience as quick and simple
> as possible.
> Thanks for your help,
> Eric JT Harlow
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