> Thanks for all the answers to this question but hitting the back button
> work, no authorization required to see the pages all over.

You need to get those pages to not be cached by the browser.

> Repost problem:
> I'm having a PHP based auth. It seems that unset($PHP_AUTH_USER) or
> unset($PHP_AUTH_PW) doesn't work.

The *BROWSER* re-sends those variables, so your unset() has no meaning on
the next page.

> Also, 401 Unauthorized header does not
> work also.

What you need to do is re-send the challenge headers, *ONLY* with a new

IE, keep track of what realm each user is in, and change it when you want
them to be logged out.

> Is there a way to logout and no back button or the user just have to close
> his browser in order to accomplish this?

Closing the browser is the best answer.  You'll never get 100% no back
button caching on every single minor browser release.

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