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> I have a MySQL table which stores information like this:
> | Type | Place Name | Place Abbrv |
> and lets say I have data in the table like:
> Example #1:
> | Office | Bill's Office | bo |
> | Store | Millcreek Supply | mcs |
> | Office | Harry's Office | ho |
> | Store | Sam's Discount Taxidermy | sdt |
> | Shipping | East Coast Distribution Facility | ecdf |
> What I'd like to do is be able to have PHP grab the information out of the
> database and sort like this on a webpage:
> Type Name #1:
>     - Place Name (with hyperlink using the abbrv)
>     - Place Name (with hyperlink using the abbrv)
> Type Name #2:
>     - Place Name (with hyperlink using the abbrv)
>     - Place Name (with hyperlink using the abbrv)
> What is the best way to do this?  I've tried arrays, different MySQL
> voodoo, ouija boards and drinking, but nothing has gotten me what I need.

This is a recurrent question; I'm going to write
a quick answers page for the _next_ 20 people
who ask this.

Basically, the answer is a mix of MySQL and PHP:

In MySQL, query your records, sorted by the
header column (so that all occurrences with the
same value are together).

In PHP, keep a 'last-known header' variable.
If the next header doesn't match the previous
one, you're starting a new block - so print a
new header.  Otherwise, you're continuing an
existing block, so skip the header.

    $conn = @mysql_pconnect("host", "user", "pwd")
        or die("Error connecting: ".mysql_error());

    $query =
        "SELECT type, placename, placeabbrv "
        ."FROM places "
        ."ORDER BY type,placename";
    $res = @mysql_db_query("db", $query, $conn)
        or die("Error querying: ".mysql_error());

    $lasttype = "";
    echo "\n\t<ul>";
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($res)) {

        if ($lasttype != $type) {
            echo "\n\t</ul>\n<br>$type\n\t<ul>";
            $lasttype = $type;

        echo "\n\t\t<li><a
    echo "\n\t</ul>";

Hope that helps.

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