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Date: Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 12:45:49PM -0400
Subject: Re: [PHP] Date formatting in PHP 3.0

> Thanks, I knew it was something stupid!
> However, the $dy = date ("D", $row[0]) doesn't work.

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You're welcome...

and eh... for the "However, the $dy = date ("D", $row[0]) doesn't

It shouldn't. date() requires a timestamp as a second argument, not
a string. Unless you retrieve an actual timestamp from your db
(which you don't) you could directly feed it to date(). So as long
as you get strings from your db you'll have to parse 'm first and
then put them through mktime() (like you do in your example). Then
you have a real timestamp and you can put that through date().



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