Hello Ramus,

Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> Well, the one on php.net is very simple, but it meets those basic
> requirements.  http://www.php.net/cal.php
> You can grab the source for it out of cvs.  See http://cvs.php.net

Ok..  I've got the source..  However, pulling the calendar out of php.net is a bit 
trickier than it 

I'm getting some results:

But it certainly wasn't built to allow other folks to easily incorporate this calendar 
into their sites.

I suppose that they have had to conseal some things for the sake of security.  
However, it is 
proving to be a real nussance..  This has likely got all that I need for an event 
However, I can't add events (big pain).

It is just a bloody nussance to untangle.

I think I now have the authorization figured out..  The trouble I think is in this 
line of code (and 
it's sister Reject_Selected which follows shortly after:

             if(isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['Approve_Selected_x']) || 
isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['Approve_Selected']) || 
isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['Approve_Selected_y'])) {
                 foreach($entries as $entry=>$val) {
                     $result = mysql_query("update phpcal set approved=1, 
app_by='$user' where 
                     if(!$result) echo mysql_error();

This doesn't seem to be doing anything and I can not echo any results from:
        echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['Approve_Selected_y';

What the heck am I doing wrong here?

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