On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 05:56, Chris wrote:
> The version of php that I use states that Gif Support is enabled. And
> in fact I am
> able to create and display gif images. However when it comes to
> creating an image
> from a file the imagecreatefromgif function doesn't seem to work. I'll
> qualify doesn't
> work to mean a broken image icon is displayed when I try to use this
> function. I
> don't know of a way to display error messages yet.
> Also there are no other graphic formats supported in the gd section of
> my phpinfo()
> report so I am assuming jpeg, wbmp and png can't be used.
> I've read many posts and am aware of the problems with gif support,
> regarding the fact that gif isn't supported in certain versions of php.
> Since I have been able to create gifs using imagecreate() I'm a little
> puzzled about
> using imagecreatefromgif()
> I also found in the posts the idea of using the fread() function which
> works well to
> display my gif. Unfortunately what I want to do is annotate the gif
> before I display it.
> Any comments welcome.
> Chris

Try outputting the result direct to your browser, without anything in the 
way to define it as an image - that way you may get to see the error.

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