>i'm awared that this is not exactly the correct forum for these
>questions.  please humor me this one time:


>if you don't know of a newsgroup, how about a good (digest-capable)
>mailing list? i've tried the MySQL general mailing list, but they don't
>offer a 'digest' option and i can't handle getting hundreds of posts a
>day in my inbox.

Try the list found at www.mysql.com it's archive:    http://lists.mysql.com/
Don't forget to check the archive before you post.. Dunno if it's 
digest-capable.. you need to find that one out on your own.

>2) who can refer me to a good intermediate tutorial to better learn
>MySQL syntax?  again, i've been to mysql.com, but i find the structure &
>format of the site somehow daunting (not as user-friendly as the
>annotated manual at php.net).

www.devshed.com has some good tutorials. Otherwise you could use a 
searchengine and type some words like: mysql tutorial
Should help..

The book MySQL written by Paul DuBois is great..



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