Hi all,

I am still failing to fix this problem with headers. I receive the following

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
started at c:\apache\apache\htdocs\client-secure.php:11) in
c:\apache\apache\htdocs\client-secure.php on line 18

Which would indicate that the line 11 is sending output to the browser. Line
11 is:


How can this be sending an output? I also get this:

Warning: Undefined index: userid in
c:\apache\apache\htdocs\client-secure.php on line 11

Which would indicate that it cant find the session info. If it cant find it
does it write it?

This is not an isolated case. This problem is happening in a few areas of
the system yet on the live server everything works a dream!!??

Anyone any ideas?



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