> > Or, so you don't have to specify all the variables you are using 
> > as globals (especially if you are using *alot* of them), you can 
> > use:
> What's the gain?  'global ' has 7 characters, whereas '$GLOBALS[]' has
> 10 characters.  So, you don't type less.  And with using global(), the
> code is more orderly, and thus easier to read.

True.  But take the following function:

function processLotsOfFormVars() {
  global $fieldOne, $fieldTwo, $fieldThree, $fieldFour;
  global $fieldFive, $fieldSix, $fieldSeven;
  global $HTTP_REFERER;

  echo "Field One is: $fieldOne<br>\n";
  echo "Field Two is: $fieldTwo<br>\n";
// etc

OR you can do it this way:

function processLotsOfFormVars() {
  echo "Field One is: $GLOBALS[fieldOne]<br>\n";
  echo "Field Two is: $GLOBALS[fieldTwo]<br>\n";
// etc

I've done it both ways.  I'm not advocating using 
"$GLOBALS[var_name];" over "global $var_name",
just that it is an alternative if you are using alot of global 
variables in a function.  Plus, if the function gets large, 
it's easier to see where the value is coming from by using
the $GLOBALS variable.
That's all I was saying.


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