i'm sorry if the solution to this problem was posted here before, but if it 
was i couldn't find it.

        i have an app that it's basically like this:


        $app = new App;

        in class app:

        function start() {

                if($need_auth) {
                        global $auth; /* another class */
                        if(!isset($auth)) {
                                $auth = new auth;

        my question is, the auth class get's registered, and the auth array inside 
the auth class ($auth->auth[]) get his values recorded on the first attempt, 
but, if the user tries again, it doesn't refresh the session data, oh i'm 
using my session functions to write them on a mysql db, i've been debugging, 
and i can see all the queries that the session stores in the db through 
syslog, and for instance in $auth->start() if i change any variable like 
$this->auth["username"]=$username; the data field passed to my 
session_write() still has the first value not $username instead.

        another question is, at what time of the script does php call my 
session_write function to update the registered session?!

        thanks all
        Rui Barreiros
       Software Developer

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