Afternoon List-

I have been burrowing through archives and newsgroups for awhile now and 
have been trying to find some info on a better way to upload files from a 
browser then doing HTTP based uploads? Are there any?

My system: PIII 750, 128MB RAM running FreeBSD 4.2 and Apache 1.3.20, 
PHP 4.0.6

The normal load average is very low (usually 95%+ resources free), but when 
I start the HTTP load the single http process slowly makes its merry way to 
98% CPU util or so. Additional PHP based requests are slow, while html 
requests are fine. I was also reading that large http file requests are 
inherrintly slow and have troubles. Details on this? 

I guess my question is, is uploading large file (15MB+) over the internet a 
viable thing to do using a HTTP upload method? and are there ways of 
keeping the process utilization down? That's probably BSD dependant, but 
thought I'd throw it in :) 



Please CC me on replies, I am only reading the Digest of this list.

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