Hey, you people are great. 5 reasonable answers to a 1 silly problem
within the hour. I'll exploit your goodwill. Here's the next one, this
is about objects (in finnish):

class Example {
   var $list;   // Here I set the problem
   var $hinta;
    var $määrä;

    function Example()
        $hinta = 0;
        $määrä = 0;
        $list  = array();  // Initialised

    function addToExample($object)
        array_push($this->list, $object); // I've been over it a hundred
times, but...

when I call the function instanceOfExample->addToExample($object) I get:

Warning: First argument to array_push() needs to be an array in xxx on
line xx

I know what this means, I also 'know' that there should not be any
mistakes in that code. Mebbe a peculiarity I don't know of?

- jon

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