>    This is my quandry... I am trying to build a socket server to transfer
simple information, more of a monitoring tool. But after about 14+ hours it
just kicks out, without rhyme or reason. No errors, no nothing... I was
curious if anyone could see big gaping holes in my code that would allow for
this, it's being run on Linux via the command:
> /web/sockets/socketserver 2 > /web/sockets/logs/error.log &

Like, I think you need that 2 and that > to be smushed together...  But I
never did quite fully grok all the 2S> stuff...

I'm guessing that error output is going into the bit bucket...

> Same for the client piece.. and the code in each is as follows, the client

Any consistency in the last lines of output before puking?

Have you kept an eye on the RAM used?  Perhaps you are leaking somewhere.

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