I am a nonprogrammer--or enthiusiastic amateur--looking into
various open source content management systems and finding myself
bewildered by the possibilities. Couldn't think of a better list
to pose these questions and hope I don't offend by going slightly
off topic.

First, what's the differnce between a CMS and an API? Can onyone
point me to some good lay articles or faqs covering this stuff?

How essential is a CMS for producing scalable sites? PHP strikes
me as being almost a CMS in and of itself--with a little work.
I am afraid of losing flexibility by embracing somebody else's
system. Should I be?

What are the pros and cons of various systems such as Typo3,
SiteManager, etc. Anybody have any experience using these php-based

What about Zope? Is it all it's cracked up to be? Does it work
with PHP?


Daniel Goldin

Daniel Goldin


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