On Fri, 31 Aug 2001, Jeff Oien wrote:

> I have a user who is unable to upload files but I don't know where
> to start with the troubleshooting process. I have this:
> @copy("$img1", "/blah/$username/$img1_name") 
>         or die("File upload didn't work."); 
> and they are getting the die message. All but one person are able
> to upload.
> Jeff Oien

Check the following things.
1. Permissions. The Directory of the particular user might be set
different and therefore be the reason for the upload.
2. Max File Size. I'm assuming that you are trying the same file for all
people, but if not then the one person that can upload might just be
uploading a smaller file than the rest. Just a thought.

You may want to use is_uploaded_file() and move_uploaded_file() if you are
using PHP 4.0.2 or greater.

hope this helps
marc davenport

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